Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Circlelord Mini-Clam Templates

There are 2 Mini-Clam templates, the 18" that goes on the Circlelord, and the Giant Mini-Clam that lays on the back table.

Both templates have 2 sizes of clams, 2" wide by 1" high, and 2.5" wide by 1.25" high.

18" Mini-Clam Template

Giant Mini-Clam Template Section
Quilt by Georgene
Dragon Quilt Using My New Special Made CL Template

When I first saw this top, I immediately thought of clamshells, and the customer liked the idea, too. But I wanted smaller shells than the giant template provided.

So I asked Michael for help and he came through in a jiffy. In just a few short days, my new template arrived in the mail so that I could start on this huge, 112" x 107" king size bedspread quilt -- along with 2 matching shams and 2 window treatments.

The new GIANT template that Michael made for me has two sizes of clam shells, the same size as the shells on the Miniclams template. Only with the giant template, I can go across the entire quilt. I used the smaller of the two sizes on this quilt. I really like the texture it creates. I used QD Deluxe batting.

I think the small clamshells look like the scales on the dragon. The quilt is made entirely of 2.5" finished squares.

Regular Prices
Queen size    2 sections            74  inches  
Queen +1/2   2+1/2 sections      92 inches    
King             3 sections           111 inches       

For more information
Call 1-866-510-6060 or email loricles@loriclesquilting.com

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